Working with Calendars

You can use Calendar to track and schedule appointments, meetings, and events. You can maintain several calendars and move events from one calendar to another. You can also share your calendars with others.

To open Calendar, click the Calendar tab. The Work Week is the default view. Your working days and times are in white. Your nonworking time is in gray.

You can change your calendar preferences from the Preferences>Calendar page.

Set Your Default Calendar View

The Work Week view is displayed by default. You can change the view that displays when you open your calendar,

  1. Go to the Preferences>Calendar page.

  2. Select the view from the Default View drop-down menu.



    Day View

    Displays activities for the day.

    Work Week View

    Displays Monday through Friday activities.

    7 Day Week View 

    Displays seven days of activities. You can select which day is the first day of your week in Start Week on drop-down menu.

    Month View

    Displays activities for a month. When you view a monthly calendar, you can double-click on a date and a fish-eye view of the day’s appointments displayed by the hour is displayed.

    List View

    Displays a list of appointments within a specified date range for calendars selected in the Overview pane.

  3. Click Save.